Katherine Moore, Registered Nurse

Katherine Moore, a registered nurse tells us about her work in the ER during the COVID-19 pandemic, including the lack of PPE, patients not believing they have COVID-19 and having to screen all personnel before allowing them into the hospital.

Robert Skov, Scientific director of ICARS

Robert Skov, MD, Scientific director of International Centre for Antimicrobial Solutions (ICARS), tells us about how ICARS works to solve the AMR crisis and how the COVID-19 pandemic have effected their effort.

Anna Henius

Anna Henius, bioengineer, PhD fellow and Academic Officer at Statens Serum institut in Denmark tells us about her very important work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jens Andersen

Jens Andersen it the Senior Public Affairs Manager at the Danish Red Cross. Jens explains the Danish Red Cross' role in helping manage the COVID-19 pandemic. In this interview Jens also explains how the Danish Red Cross is funded, and how they strive to help the weakest in our societies.

Professor Oliver Rubin

Professor Olivier Rubin works at Roskilde University in Denmark. For the last 15 years his research have focused mainly on disasters such as famine, flooding, climate change and for the last 5 years health emergencies, such as AMR and lately, COVID-19.

Michelle Barron, MD

Michelle Barron is the senior medical director of infection prevention, as well as a professor of medicine at UC health. Barron have been at the forefront of multiple pandemics including H1N1, Ebola and now COVID-19