ARC labs

ARC Labs will function as an innovation-accelerator focusing on high-risk high-reward innovative technologies that have the potential to target evolving pathogens. We will develop infrastructure that will comprise of equipment, assays, and technical expertise needed for various stages of drug discovery and development. Under this effort, any one from anywhere in the world with a promising technology can plug into ARC lab infrastructure and network to advance translation of the technology.
ARC network will comprise of scientists and labs in academia and industry that can collaborate towards accelerated discovery and development of antimicrobials and diagnostics. ARC network scientists will specialize invarious areas of drug discovery and development, including synthetic biology, systems biology, nanotechnology, drug delivery, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, formulations, host-pathogen interactions, clinical microbiology, microbiome, immunology, diagnostics, mathematical biology, product development.
ARC Labs and ARC network together will function to support development of innovative, adaptable, and tunable therapeutics and diagnostics to combat emergent, evolving, or drug-resistant pathogens for which treatments are not available.
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ARC has been created to address the urgent need to accelerate drug anddiagnostic discovery and development. We are addressing this by developing ARC Labs and ARC network. 
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