Solving AMR starts with you

Antimicrobial Resistance Mediation OutReach

In global health, every single person has a responsibility. Bacteria do not respect borders. In our globalized society, an dinfection is a plane ride away from a global epidemic. We all use antimicrobials every day—from the food we eat to the soap we use to wash our hands—so it is imperative that we educate the public and encourage sustainable practices when dealing with antimicrobials.

ARMOR, the Antimicrobial Resistance Mediation OutReach Program, empowers communities to promote responsible use of antibiotics through raising awareness about AMR in whatever creative way possible.
ARMOR chapters lead local campaigns to urge the public to adopt sustainable antimicrobial practices, such as switching to antimicrobial-free soap or buying antimicrobial-free meat and dairy.

What is antimicrobial resistance?
Our mission is to educate the public about antimicrobial resistance and influence more responsible, sustainable use of antibiotics.

The needs of different communities vary. ARMOR provides the tools and inspiration to address your area's biggest challenges and your personal projects.

The ARMOR Chapter at the University of Colorado Boulder focuses on setting the scene for one on one discussions with students about drug resistance. They've also hosted mask-making and soap-crafting events and even a weekly podcast.

We hope to seed ARMOR Chapters in communities around the world to bring the issue of drug resistance within everyone's radar.

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ARMOR on the air Podcast

Students from the University of Colorado Boulder log on weekly to share a current perspective on antibiotic resistance.

Tune in every week on Spotify to learn how you can contribute to the fight against drug resistant infections, with your hosts Dana Stamo and Karoline Pedersen!

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ARMOR Video Project

In 2019, we embarked on a mission to explain what we do to the rest of the world. Health and the treatment of bacterial infections affects every single person on the planet, therefore, we believe the science addressing the issue of resistance should be available to everyone as well.

The ARMOR Video Project intends to level the playing field by collecting experiences with drug resistance from scientists, doctors, and regular people and sharing them with the world.

Submit your own video to us on twitter @amrconsortium


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