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Accelerating R&D
for Pandemic Preparedness
and Countering Evolving Pathogens

Our Mission

Students are raising awareness about antimicrobial resistance

Developing Infrastructure for
Emerging Pathogens

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Microbes evolve. Our approach to counter them has not

Bacteria and viruses evolve and grow at a fast rate. These highly adaptive organisms canemerge, evolve and result in diseases that have no treatments. Viral outbreaks such as influenza causing seasonal flu, SARS-CoV2, Ebola, or drug-resistant bacteria such as MRSA, CRE are some examples. To counter evolving and emerging microbes, we need to provide counter measures, therapeutics or diagnostics, in real-time.
Challenge of an evolving organism: it is a moving target. While microbes evolve at an exponential rate, drug-development occurs at a much slower rate. It takes on an average 10 years and 1.4 billiondollars to develop one FDA approved drug. Pathogenes and time.  Majority of pharmaceutical companies have moved out of the antiviral and antibiotic space due to lack of new classes of drugs, tedious, time-consuming, challenging discovery and development, evolution of drug-resistance, and low return on investment. Every time a new pathogen shows up, at present, collectively we as a human race are not capable of developing a new solution to solve it. The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the need to be able to develop therapeutics in real-time. It is not possible to catch up to microbial evolution, unless we select for novel and innovative approaches, and create an ecosystem for fast-tracking of promising technologies. At ARC Labs we are developing a frame work for sustainable innovation.

You cannot solve an exponential problem, using a linear approach.

3E’s: Engage, Educate, and Empower

ARC addresses this challenge using its 3E’s: Educate, Engage, and Empower.  We are engaging people from all walks of life to come together to be involved in good practices to safeguard our health to protect ourselves from future health crises.  We are creating materials, webinars and seminars to educate the young and the old to invest in solving current and future health challenges. We want to inspire the younger generation to train them to be problem solvers. We are inviting speakers from all walks of life including science and technology, health care, creative arts, and policy making. We invite different points of view and modes of communication on this topic. We are empowering the innovation engine by developing infrastructure called ARC Labs for translation of innovative technologies, as well as ARC network of scientists with range of expertise needed for technologies to move from bench to bedside.
There are many great inventions, but few see the light at the end of the tunnel. At ARC we are developing the frame work that will increase our chances of find a solution that works against emergent, evolving, and drug-resistant pathogens.

ARC Labs’ mission is to develop an innovation engine that supports and accelerates the development of therapeutics and diagnostics to find real-time solutions against emergent, evolving, and drug-resistant pathogens.

The ARC Labs model focuses on the strengths of each of the existing pillars R&D: academia and industry. A lot of untapped expertise and potential exists at the academic level both in basic sciences and engineering, especially in the early stages of discovery. The pharmaceutical industry, on the other hand, coordinates massive amounts of funding to perform clinical trials and scale up established ideas. ARC Labs steps in to create a bridge between these two isolated spheres of research and bring medicine and treatments to the patients who need them faster.
Our specialized team takes care of the networking, establishing a consortium of scientists at all points along the pipeline. When your resources and funding bring your development to a standstill, we identify another lab to pick up where you left off, ensuring that revolutionary technologies don't get left in the dust. Successful platforms spin out of ARC Labs' incubation process into start-ups. As a non-profit, ARC Labs only takes as much of a cut as needed to remain self-sustainable in propping up other innovative technologies.