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Due to COVID-19 closures, all in-person seminars have been canceled until further notice. Online webinars will continue as scheduled.

Global Quorum.

ARC Labs, being a global consortium, welcomes visiting speakers hosted at the University of Colorado Boulder as well as webinars streamed from around the globe to unite our worldwide network. Every talk is broadcasted live and, when possible, recorded and shared on our website. Stop by our website or keep up with us on Twitter for links to upcoming seminars. 

The ARC Quorum Seminar Series empowers everyone who interacts with medicine—from those developing it to those receiving it—by showcasing global perspectives. Health affects every person on this planet; we have a responsibility to ensure everyone is on the same page. These crucial conversations allow for collaborative technological advancement—an aspect integral to the acceleration of medical treatment.

Previous Seminars

John Aunins, PhD

Dr. Aunins led our first ARC Seminar about the Development of Live Bacterial Therapeutics. Many antibiotics cause damage to our microbiome, the balance of which is crucial for maintaining our health and protecting us from opportunistic pathogens. Even probiotic treatments aren't sufficient to protect against the non-specific killing of any susceptible microbe.

Currently serving as the Executive Vice President of Bioprocess & Manufacturing and CTO at Seres Therapeutics, Dr. Aunins works to do his part to revolutionize treatment of infectious disease.

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